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Международный фестиваль духовой музыки «БЕССМЕРТНЫЙ ОРКЕСТР» 

The release

of the project “Open International festival of wind music “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA”, dedicated to the memory of musicians who died on the battlefields of the XX and XXI centuries”

Kaliningrad region, September 18-21, 2019

The Immortal Orchestra project, initiated by the Association "Center for Horn Music", is dedicated to the memory of the USSR State Wind Orchestra, who died in October 1941 while fighting in the ranks of the National Home Guard. And it also dedicated to the memory of those musicians and cultural figures who gave their lives for their homeland in the XX and XXI centuries.

At the end of 2017, the project was supported by the Presidential Grants Fund. A year later, the Fund supported the next initiative of the Association - the International Festival of Remembrance of Dead Musicians. With the same name – “Immortal Orchestra”. And this decision is quite justified, since the third year concerts of wind orchestras have been going on all over Russia. Dozens of groups took part in them, including professional, amateur, and orchestras of educational institutions. Today, teams from 14 countries have expressed their desire to participate in the Festival. And the musicians from Belarus, Poland, Israel, Germany, Donetsk have already performed at concerts preceding the main event of the project, scheduled for September 18-21 in the Kaliningrad region.

The search for the names of the dead, the action to perpetuate the memory of those who “stepped into immortality” in our days continue. So, on September 25, 2018, the names of already 70 musicians of the State Wind Orchestra of the USSR, who fought in the ranks of the National Home Guard and were missing in October 1941, appeared on the Memorial Monument. Previously there were only 10 names.

The efforts of Russian musicians were supported by the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE). It intends to hold in Kaliningrad the conference of its East European branch within the frameworks of the Festival in September 2019.

The festival in the Kaliningrad region will be held from September 18 to September 21, 2019. Among the thousands of participants, more than 760 musicians will come from other countries, as well as cities of the Russian Federation. Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Taiwan, Belarus will become guests of the region. In the days of the festival, performances of orchestras will take place in halls and in open areas, musicians will play in educational institutions and at the “Avtotor” plant. A united orchestra of one hundred artists will perform on September 20 at 19.00 in the Konigsberg Cathedral on the Kant Island. And two large-scale parades of orchestras will be held on September 20 at 12:00 in Svetlogorsk and on September 21 at 12:00 in Kaliningrad.

In addition to performances and parades, the festival will include a competition of orchestras, a defile contest with the participation of majorettes, and a show program competition for wind ensembles. We note once again that it is in Kaliningrad, for the first time in Russia, that the Conference of the Central and East European Branch of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles WASBE will take place.

It will not go unnoticed that within the framework of the Festival, on September 21, there will be a performance by the Orchestra "Youth of the World for Peace in the World" consisting of 85 musicians who will specially come to Kaliningrad to participate in the project. This will be the second performance of a united group of young (age: 18-30 years) musicians of America, Asia, Europe.